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Pacific Property Consultants made history in 1998 by being the very first consulting firm to be specifically selected to provide builder QA services.  Within three years, 28 national and international builder insurance companies adopted underwriting guidelines for third-party QA services based on our model.  Builders once again were able to purchase insurance that otherwise was not available, and the market boomed.

Today Pacific Property Consultants is assisting the insurance industry again with the next generation of insurance that is tailored specifically for a builder's needs.  Builders want to be recognized and rewarded for their quality investment, and we are helping the insurance industry develop metrics that identify and reward the nation's best builders.  Soon you will see insurance products that offer better coverage at lower rates when you showcase your quality management culture.  Quite simply, we can help your company attract the very best insurance coverage at the lowest possible rates.  Call us to find out more!




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