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Having a skilled forensic consultant visit your projects is a good introduction into quality, and provides instant and unbiased feedback regarding the risks being built into your product.  Pacific Property Consultants is nationally recognized for its development of many programs that provide efficient manpower coupled with technology.  We have been part of the team on thousands of builder projects across the country, and have the knowledge to identify immediate risks that could save you from a costly mistake or a major disaster.  Whether your needs require a planned site visit or random QA observations, Pacific Property Consultants works within your schedule to provide your team with excellent service and professionalism.  We use positive reinforcement training, identification and checkpoint tracking to verify that you are building the best product and getting all that you paid for from your trade partners.

There are no stale checkpoints in our systems, used over and over by uncaring and unskilled inspectors.  Pacific Property Consultants focuses on the high risk issues that are actually built into your project, and we ignore anything that is not important to your quality initiatives.  You get the quality you desire, delivered with care as a team effort to ensure success of every project.

Quality metrics are custom built to suit your needs, your unique project, and your goals.  Use our experience to help you build and execute a system that is industry leading, efficient and effective.  You may even qualify for special builder insurance discounts, expanded coverage, or even rebates from your insurance provider!  Call us to find out more...




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