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Quality is a Religion: 

Its Followers in Passionate Pursuit of Perfection; Its Leaders Passionate about Its Followers

--Stan Luhr  

In today’s market, a code-compliant building is just not good enough. Home buyers expect their homes to perform at the highest levels, consume the least energy and operate with little or no maintenance.  The level of satisfaction depends entirely on the builder, who controls the home buying experience, the product, and how the home is serviced during the warranty period.  When a customer’s expectations are beyond the product that can be delivered, the builder’s team must re-align those expectations, refuse the sale, or pay the consequences of a dissatisfied home buyer.

But you build “to code”, and you follow the plans.  You deliver the home generally on time.  Is that quality?  Well, building anything less would be breaking the law, so don’t consider “built to code minimum” a very convincing advertising scheme.  Today’s home buyers demand a home that is safe, durable, comfortable and efficient.  Those are their minimum expectations.  When you deliver a product that exceeds a customer’s expectations, you have delivered to them a “quality” home.  Yet with every paint miss-match, sticking door or loose roof tile their expectation of perfection is eroded.  There is a chance that your customer service folks can regain some of that glimmer lost to defective work, but the glimmer is faded.  The homeowner becomes less than totally satisfied, and you will never get that back no matter how stellar your efforts.

Quality is not a process, or a computer program, or a third-party consultant marking your building with pink paint.  Quality is a business religion.  Quality is ingrained in every person who works for you, with every vendor delivering goods and every professional designing your project.  Quality is knowing that we all work for one person:  the customer.  The Quality journey requires the highest level of conviction from the owners of the company downward to every person who impacts the product and customer.  Quality cannot ever be achieved without leadership becoming evangelical about this religion.

When we decide to transform our company, we quickly learn that achieving Quality will never occur; it is the relentless pursuit of improving everything we do, consistently and continuously that encompasses the Quality Journey.  Quality is building exceptional value into a product, and eliminating anything in your operation that does not add value to the final product.  Quality is knowing more about how your product operates under the most diverse conditions, and learning through failure how to constantly improve.  Quality is understanding predicted and unpredicted failures of your product, and creating processes that reduce those failures. Quality also is about setting customer expectations appropriate to the product's design, and exceeding those expectations.

No company or consultant can transform your company into a Quality company unless your leadership takes on the challenge with unbridled passion and leadership.  What we can do is help you to develop tools to study your product, develop your risk profile, assist you with improving processes, and rooting out defects, waste and complexity.  We can assist with external measurements and process improvement, but the hard part is up to you.

Pacific Property Consultants stands alone in our ability to be your quality consultant by offering your company with proven strategies that have become the benchmark for thousands of builders and commercial contractors across the country.  Since 1984 Pacific Property Consultants has been involved in construction quality, litigation avoidance and builder support services—longer than any other consulting firm. Unlike many of our competitors who are emerging from bankruptcy or are brand new to the market, Pacific Property Consultants has been continuously serving builders (through four recessions) since 1984.  We are here to serve you!




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