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An infrared imaging camera is a valuable tool in diagnosing many building problems.  Images are actually temperature signatures that can identify wet insulation, metal pipes and heat loss inside wall cavities.  Infrared cameras cannot see through walls, but their incredible temperature sensitivity detects even the faintest temperature differences between wet and dry building materials, as well as where air is moving into and out of a wall or ceiling.  We have been using infrared cameras to aid in our inspection of water intrusion, heat loss, ice dam problems as well as detecting electrical and plumbing problems.  The camera can identify overheated wiring inside a wall, a motor bearing about to fail, hot spots inside a ceiling and can detect missing firestops without the need for destructive testing.  

Excessive energy loss costs building owners money, and can lead to moisture accumulation inside wall cavities, causing more serious problems.  By combining an infrared camera with a blower door test, Pacific Property Consultants can quickly find the largest building holes in the thermal and air barrier envelope so that a repair can be easily implemented.  Infrared technology is just another tool that we use to diagnose and remedy building durability and comfort complaints.




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